What Kind of Cage for Gerbil

Do you know you can build a home for your gerbils out of their natural habitat? Yes, you can, all they need is extra love and comfort in their cages. Building a gerbil cage is one of the important aspects of the pets live

Before planning on setting up or buying a cage for your gerbil, there are necessary things to put into consideration as regards to the type of material, size, and depth.

There are different types of gerbil cages out there, from traditional to the modern cage. However, no matter what type you choose, make sure you meet the essential requirement in dimension and features and also make sure to provide your little gerbil with a wooden or ceramic box to hide.

This article is to provide you with some basic information about the different requirement that a gerbil cage will need to have.

What Kind of Cage Do Gerbils Need

Before planning on taking up a gerbil as a pet, you should also be ready to spend money and time in bringing comfort to what they call home.

Cage for Gerbil


First, before looking at the numbers of factors to put on check, you should also know that gerbils are different from hamster, especially when it comes to their habitat. Even when they look alike, they both have different preference when it comes to how they are caged.

Gerbils are energetic burrowers, and they need a tank that is at least 6 inch from the base. Hamsters cages are too low, and it is not recommended for gerbils as there is no enough room for your pet to roam and exhibit its natural digging and burrowing instinct.

However, if you decide to use the hamster cage to house your gerbils, be ready for the messes the gerbil will cause because most of the bedding will be kicked out to create room for herself.

Aside from this, it would be best if you also look at this few factors before considering buying your cage for your gerbil

The Size of the Cage: Before purchasing a cage, you should also consider the size of the cage or tank you want to buy. If you are planning on keeping two gerbils, it is recommended you buy a cage with a minimum of 10 gallons. It should also have a base with a dimension of 12 by 20 inches. Also, know that the more gerbils you keep in one cage, the larger the size of the cage.

The Type of the Cage: In any cage type you select. It shouldn’t be the one that can be easily chewed up by the pet. It is recommended not to use a plastic cage as it can be easily chewed up, and this might lead to some severe health problems on the pet.

It is best recommended to use a glass aquarium with a wire mesh on top or a wire mesh with a glass at the base to place their beddings.

Safety and Security: Gerbil cages should be regularly closed. Gerbils are very little, and as a result of that, there is every possibility of escaping from their cages if not properly monitored. Also, remove every sharp object and keep them away from other pets like dogs and cats

Ease to Clean: Your choice of the cage should be the one which is easy to clean. Big cages with high rooftops are perfect when it comes to easy accessibility, although gerbils don’t smell much, which makes work easy.

What is the Best Kind of cage for Gerbil

The best kind of cage is the one which provides the best comfort for your gerbil and meets the above requirement. However, if you are looking for the best gerbil cages, you should try using gerbilarium.

Gerbilarium offers a lot of features useful for bonding with your gerbils. Although, they are different types of gerbilarium in the market. Some come with a plastic base or with just a wire mesh, but what is important is the size and comfort it brings to your gerbil. You can always modify to fit your needs.

Cleaning and Setting up the Gerbils Cage

Gerbils are animals who always keep themselves busy by chewing, digging, and burrowing. So it is essential to set up the cages that allow them to do all these stuff, with this, your gerbil will never be bored. Setting up your cage is easy. You have to be creative and understand gerbils behavioural activity. In any way you want to be creative, try to follow these basic steps in setting up your gerbil cage to help you achieve the best in giving your gerbils the comfort they want.

Setting up the Gerbils Cage

Selecting a cage: Get a minimum of 10 gallons if you are planning on keeping two gerbils in a cage for adequate space and comfort. Try a wire cage for adequate ventilation. Also, avoid buying plastic cages

Positioning your cage: In any method you chose to place your cage, always try to position them above the ground level like on the shelves or tables and in a noise-free environment. Avoid placing your cages close to windows, air conditioning systems and close to chemicals.

Bedding: In organizing inside of your cage, first, fill the cage with at least 4 inches of beddings. Gerbils like to dig and burrow, and as such, 4 inches of bedding is ideal for them. There is no harm in filling your bedding to half the cage. A large amount of bedding gives more comfort to your gerbils and also allow them to bury their food. Always use beddings that are absorbent such as dust-free aspen shaving or shredded paper with no ink on it. Avoid using cedar or pins.

When their beddings soiled with their feces or urine, always scoop the beddings out as soon as possible as leaving them might cause you’re your beddings develop respiratory issues from the ammonia in their urine.

Positioning Tunnels in the Cage: Bury enough tunnels such as tissue boxes or small containers in their bedding for them to play with. Avoid using wax-coated cardboard to make their tunnels since it can be harmful to their health.

Use a Thick Wooden Box: Provide a thick wooden box nest in their cage to hide and sleep. Avoid using plastics to make their nest since it can be easily chewed up.

Place Wooden Platforms: You can create a wooden platform in their cage to keep them entertained since they love climbing. Also, place flat stones in their cage. It helps them explore their environment while in the cage.

Provide their Meals: Scatter their meal around the cage to mimic their natural lifestyle of widely searching for food. You can also place their food in ceramics

Provide Water: provide a water bottle beside their cage and make sure the water bottles are not touching the beddings. Always change their water every day to give them access to freshwater.

Provide Toys: provide a chewable toy throughout their cages such as branches from cherry, apple or oak tree to keep them busy.


The health of your gerbils is determined by how they are cared for. Moreover, if your gerbils develop any health issues, visit a qualified veteran and afterwards try to seek for advice in case you are doing something wrong in their feed or their homes.


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