Female Boxers

Available Female Boxers

For compatibility sake, we will not place a female boxer in a home with another large breed female dog.
No exceptions!

Why won’t we adopt two large breed females into the same home?
We could adopt out our female boxers a lot quicker if this wasn’t our policy, but adoptions are about quality not quantity. 

We are not saying it is a given that two females will not get along. What we are saying is, two LARGE breed females in the same home are less compatible than a male/female match.

We answer numerous phone calls and e-mails each year with regard to females in the same home who “all of the sudden” don’t get along. We also experience female to female aggression in our foster homes, which requires the dogs to always stay separated.

They may get along for a few weeks, a few months, or even a year before you see the fighting.

Our desire is to error on the side of caution for everyone’s sake. We don’t want any of our dogs coming back into rescue because we made the mistake of placing two females together. We are not the only boxer rescue with this policy.


Shayla is a 6-7yr old brindle female. She loves people although she needs to be an only dog, she really wants to be your best girl and hang out with you. She likes playing with her foster’s 13 and 8 yr old gr. children. She loves to take walks (no jogging please) and snuggle on the couch. She is crate trained and loves to sit for treats. Shayla is housed in the Louisville, KY area. 

Adoption Donation: $235.00


Lita is approximately 11-12 years old and has not had the best life. She gets along well with most other dogs as long as they are not aggressive or try to get her chewy or food. She doesn’t want anyone hovering around her food dish or treat, so we don’t want to place her with young children, even though she loves kids and is very gentle. She met several cats at the vet’s office and didn’t really pay any attention to them.

Lita has gotten used to her crate and is housetrained. She loves being rubbed and petted more than anything. She also likes toys and loves to sling them around. We would like to see Lita have a home where she can be queen of her castle and not have to share attention. She does best when no other dog is trying to get her attention and will need to be any only dog.

Lita’s heartworm treatment has been completed for some time now and she is now a healthy lady. She is on thyroid meds and doing very well. She listens very well most of the time but can be a little selective in her hearing. She knows the sound of the treat bag being opened even in another room.

She does very well with children and loves sleeping with them. She is a cuddler. She still pulls on lead and must use a harness and not lead and flat collar, she had previously suffered damage to her throat. She loves just being with you. She loves her toys and still acts like a 6mo old puppy when playing. She is fully housetrained and crate trained. She has been in rescue for some time and is still awaiting her new home and family.

Lita is being fostered in Amderson, IN.
Adoption Donation: None, only adopt to the right home.


Whisper is approximately 7 yrs old now and has been with us for several years now. She was breeder surrender to a local kill shelter. She is a happy little girl who has not been treated very well.

We assume she was kept outside in a kennel and used solely for breeding purposes. She came in covered in fleas, ticks and with one ear ripped. Whisper would be best as the only pet in your home, she is a dominant female. She is a very loving and playful little girl who seems to be very happy being near you. She will need to be in a home without very small children only because of her size and excitement level.

She loves people and great with children. Whisper is housebroken and crate trained. She rides very well in a car and enjoys being able to stretch out and take a long nap. She is going to make someone a wonderful companion. (Updated 3-5-16)

(10-8-14 Update)

Whisper is now 5 yrs old and has been in rescue for quite some time. She is other ANIMAL AGGRESSIVE and will require a very special home. She will require special care when going to vets office where there are other pets in waiting area.

She loves kids and does very well with people of all ages. She loves riding in cars and playing with her toys. She is fully housetrained and crate trained. She listens very well except when other animals are around. She would need home that has privacy fence and doesn’t walk their dog publicly.

She would be happiest with you outside playing with her. She is still scared of loud noises and thunderstorms. Whisper is still waiting patiently for her own home and family.

Whisper is being fostered in Anderson, IN.
Adoption Donation: $175.00


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