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This page is dedicated to helping owners, small rescues and shelters find new homes for their available pets that may not have access to internet pet listings or an available website. For shelter and rescue groups their contact info is provided. You will need to contact them and not BlueGrass Boxer Rescue. In order to protect the privacy of individual owners, you may fill out the on-line application and we will forward the application to the owner.
Please be advised the dogs listed are not in the BlueGrass Boxer Rescue, Inc. program.


The Union County Dog Pound has a registered Boxer in need of an immediate rescue! Please help, she is a great dog!

This dog is owned by a young couple that is trying to have a baby and they want to downsize their dogs, as they have to go for fertility treatments etc. They have 3 boxers right now. And treat them like their kids, completely spoiled, the dog is not happy with them being gone so much. She loves going on the boat and going camping too!

Name is Diva
CKC registered
Will turn 4 years old Sept 22 2015
Has a skin condition known as Cyclical (seasonal) Flank Alopecia (seasonal balding of the flanks and lower back), not cureable, not contagious, but treatable with melatonin.
Allergic to non hypoallergenic shampoo.
Full of energy, smart but stubborn, loves to run, play and ride, great with children and other dogs.
Well house broken
Kennel trained
Knows hand signals such as sit, lay, and stay
Loves to be with people and very affectionate.
Loves to go on the boat and in the River
Needs fenced in yard
Needs supervision when left alone indoors
MUST be an inside dog
Up to date on shots

Kathy Baird
Union County Animal Service Coordinator

Union County Dog Pound
908 Sandy Lane
PO Box 60
Morganfield, KY 42437


Icy is about 5 years old and 45 pounds. She is a very sweet and gentle girl who loves people of all ages. She gets along well with female dogs but is being rehomed due to my male dog and her not getting along. She is housetrained and loves to go on car rides. Icy would make a wonderful new family member. If interested in Icy contact: Wayne Lewis

Olivia Rose
Boxer Bulldog Mix

I am needing to rehome my boxer/bulldog mix because I am relocating for work. I have included a bio and photo below, if there is any more information you think would be helpful or pertinent, please let me know. Thank you for your help.

Schuylar McGuffey

Olivia Rose is a 4 year old (approximately) boxer/bulldog mix. She weighs about 45 lbs and is blue/red brindle in color. Olivia gets along great with all other animals including cats and small dogs. Olivia enjoys children and would thrive in a home with children. Olivia enjoys going for walks and playing at the dog park. She knows basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “kennel” and “go potty”.

She walks well on a leash and also does well loose in the yard with or without a fence. Olivia is crate trained and is used to being in her crate when unsupervised or when no one is home. She is spayed, microchipped, and UTD on vaccines and heartworm test. Olivia does have slight food allergies, so she cannot have people food or certain brands of dog food (allergy list details which brands and types are best for her).

Right now, Olivia is on Iams adult mixed with Iams puppy and is doing fabulous with her allergies and maintaining a healthy weight. Olivia is a very loving, social dog that needs someone who can give her the love and attention she deserves. Unfortunately, due to my career, I am required to travel and relocate often, so must rehome this sweet girl.

If you are interested in Olivia, please contact me. I will require a veterinary reference, description of home (including rent/own and pet policy for rental), and an adoption fee/donation to Bluegrass Boxer Rescue will be required. Please call/text 574-485-3878 or email Subject line: Olivia Rose.

Owner Surrender

Hi! I have a two year old boxer named Coco. I got her out of a bad situation when she was about 4 months old. I’ve nursed her back to health and have spent countless time and money with her. She is my baby.

When I got Coco in top shape health wise I decided to get another boxer named Roman. At first everything was great, but then Coco started to become aggressive and territorial and would attack Roman on a daily basis. I have hired a trainer, watched videos, read books. I have done anything you can think of to make this work. Then one day after Coco went after Roman my daughter walked past and she nipped at her. That’s when I decided I had to take her to a rescue or find another home.

She has been wonderful, she’s great with “older” kids and adults, not good with other dogs at all. I honestly don’t believe Coco intended to hurt my daughter but it was the wrong place at the wrong time situation and I just cannot take that chance anymore. Please help me. I don’t want a shelter to put her down. She’s only 2 yrs old. She has alot of life and love in her. Please, please help her and my family.

Thanks again,
Jordan Williams

Coco is looking for a new home. She is not one of our rescues and contact if interested in Coco should be made to the owner.

Frankfort, KY Animal Shelter

Patch is in an over crowded county shelter and needs rescue soon. He is a 2 year old Boxer Mix boy that weighs 45lbs. He was seen being dropped on the side of the road so help us find him safety and a home with owners that will love him and keep him forever. He has a docked tail. He is neutered, vaccinated, wormed, heartworm tested and flea treated. Out of state transport assistance is available. No pull fee for rescues. To help Patch please contact the shelter at


Hello! My name is Phoebe. I’m a 2 year old, 45 pound, boxer mix who is looking for a forever home with parents who will love me until the days end. I’m super sweet, playful, I love to run and go on walks, and LOVE attention! I’m not sure where I come from as I was recently abandoned with my three puppies behind an elementary school, but some wonderful people took me in to try and help me search for my permanent parents.

I do have obedience issues I need to work on, so you must be willing to work with me and give me your time. I don’t always do well with other animals and people, but as long as I get my training, I think I’ll be able to work out these kinks. It might be better if I was the only other animal in the house, although I’m oddly comfortable with cats and some small dogs. We could always test it out! Don’t let this sway you because I really am sweet and just want someone to love me!!! If you are interested, please contact my current mommy Kasey Lacrouts 

Housed in Louisville at Pet Suites

My name is Sherri Arnett, regional director for PetSuites pet resort & spa. Unfortunately, we have an abandoned boxer at our resort in Lexington. She has been with us for nearly 6 months with hopes that the owner would come and get her. They have not – even with numerous attempts from us. We need to find Nadia a loving home. She is a 6 year old boxer (maybe slighly mixed). She appears older than 6 w/ her gray muzzle but this was the age the owner’s told us.

She is petite (maybe 40 – 45 pounds) loving toward people but a bit reserved at the beginning. Here is a little more information about her and a few pictures to follow. Sherri

Fun facts about Nadia:
She is great at walking on a leash especially if you have a treat
She can sit, laydown, shake, and sometimes roll over (all taught while here at PetSuites!)
She LOVES treats and will do anything for them
She loves to cuddle in your lap as well as work on her tan in the sun during her playtimes
Her owner says she is dog aggressive, but we have not had her in contact with any other dogs while she has been at PetSuites. She does bark when dogs go by her room.
She likes affection but is reserved at the beginning

If interested in Nadia please contact

Sherri Arnett or Ali Young
PetSuites pet resort & spa

Boxer Mix – Needing New Home

This baby was dumped and is needing a new home. She is located in Greenbriar TN. Please contact Laurie at 615-815-4115 if interested in little 1.5 yr old female.

Little lady looking for a new home.


Isla and Gretta

Isla (fawn) is 10 years old and Gretta (brindle) is 9 years old. Both girls have been together all their lifes. Despite their age, both have a lot of PEP in them still. One of their two owners passed away and the others health is not good enough to care for them. Both girls are potty trained and spayed. Vet records will go with both girls.

For more information contact Elizabeth at 502-639-0852.


I have a boxer that needs a home. My family is being re-stationed, and can’t take him. He’s about 10- 11yo , very smart, very loyal , he always ask for permission before doing anything . We’ve have had him for about 5 years. I’m hoping he can be placed in a good home where he will be taking care of and treated right. We call him a human.

For more information contact Shawn 502-742-1758


Born: March 9, 2007
Current home: Erlanger, KY
House Trained: Yes
Weight: about 35lbs.
Vaccinations: Up to date
Qualities: Quiet, Protective of the home, Low maintenance grooming, Desires to always be near the family, Knows several commands, Easy to train, Has the boxer bark (not the beagle howl)

We rescued Bruiser when he was about 10 weeks old. We trained him with all the basic commands of sit, stay, lie down, etc., but also taught him some party tricks like shake, beg, and go find. He was very easy to train with treats and I am confident he could learn even more if we had more time to work with him. I used Victoria Stilwell’s methodology of positive reinforcement to train him to wait for his food, stay inside the house when the door opens, and to quiet down when a visitor comes.

I believe Bruiser would be the perfect dog for anyone who doesn’t have the time to train a dog, who lives alone, or who doesn’t have kids, or has teenagers for kids. He loves to cuddle on the couch and play fetch. Mostly, he just wants to go where you go! Any pet in the home needs to be a very calm. Bruiser is free to a good home. He will come with supplies like his crate, dog beds, bowls, leashes, toys, medications (vitamins and heartworm), and more. If it is possible, we would like to do a home visit with his future family to ensure his happiness during this difficult transition.

For more information contact Rachel (815-386-9503)


Charlie is a boxer-lab mix, neutered and utd on all vaccinations (I have his vet records), and about 5 years old. He is a little overweight at 91 pounds. He is gentle, timid, and sweet, very loving and affectionate towards people.

However, his former owners claim that they brought him in for euthanasia because he snapped at a child (I do not know the circumstance or story behind that one, only that no one was bitten), and that there were a couple of incidents in which he acted aggressively toward other dogs. I have seen some evidence that he may not get along well with some dogs, but I know that he lived his whole life until now in the company of at least 1 other dog and a few cats. He has been mostly non-reactive towards my own cats. He loves squeaky toys and being in the company of people. He is obedient and calm, and walks very, very well on leash.

For more information on Charlie, contact Mari. I am in Milford, Ohio, which is near Cincinnati. My phone number is (513) 680-1164. My email address is

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